Tile trim can completely transform the look of your tiles. It adds the perfect finishing touch to tiled areas and tiled objects, making them appear more luxurious, polished, and complete. Tile trim can be used to improve the look of tiled floors, tiled fireplaces, tiled bench tops, tiled outdoor patios and any other tiled surface in your home or commercial project.

If the idea of making your tiled surfaces look more sophisticated sounds good, you have reached the right place. This guide will explain the types of tile trim products that are available and how it can be used in your property. We’ll also explain how to choose the right tile trim for the thickness of your tiles.

Why is tile trim necessary?

When you install tiles on an bench, floor, fireplace, bath, or any other surface, you will always have some exposed tile edges. Not only will these exposed tile edges look unprofessional, they will be fragile and easily chipped. A tile trim can be used to cover these exposed edges, giving your tiles a more professional and sophisticated look. Because tile trim keeps your tiles safe from chips, it can extend their lifespan by years.

Tile trim is available with a square edge or a round edge. You can select a look which is appropriate for your home’s design and the location of the tiles. Square edge tile trim provides a modern look that is fantastic on bench tops and floors. Round edge tile trim gives tiles a softer look, which works particularly well on fireplaces and baths.

Metal tile trim is the most commonly used tile trim because it is extremely durable and very attractive. Aluminum chrome tile trim is particularly popular because of its beautiful sleek appearance and toughness. If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the chrome tile trim products we stock.

How tile trim is used to protect and improve the look of your tiles Define your tiled spaces

Tile trim gives your tiled objects an outline and can help to define a space. This is particularly useful if you have light tiles in a bathroom or on a bench top as it gives the space better contrast and volume. One good technique when using tile trim in this way is to have a textured tile objects outlined by tile trim to define the area. It makes the gorgeous tiles you have found for a bathroom, kitchen, or fireplace look even better.

Protect soft tiles in your kitchen and bathroom tiles

If you are using a soft stone tile made from sandstone or marble in your kitchen or bathroom, you must take steps to protect it. Tile corner trim and tile edge trim will protect your tiles from being chipped by hard objects like pots, cutlery, and hairdryers.

Having an additional layer of protection is particularly important if the tiles are being installed in a commercial location which sees a lot of foot traffic. Metal tile trim also adds some much-needed form to lightly-coloured sandstone or marble tiles and creates a more sophisticated look.

Improve the look of your fireplace

A fireplace that is covered in decorative tiles can be a beautiful addition to a home. Adding a trim tile will improve its appearance by adding a transition between the decorative tiles on the exterior and other materials used in the hearth. Chrome tile trim is particularly popular choice for tile fireplaces.

Connect indoor and outdoor spaces

Floor tile trim is an excellent way to transition between different materials in your home. It is often used in entry ways to form a subtle and unobtrusive boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Make your tiled objects safer

Tile edges can be quite sharp, which is potentially dangerous in the bathroom where slips are common. You can add rounded bath trim tiles to make the bathroom a safer space. They will reduce the risk of an injury from an unsealed tile edge.

What tile trim to use for a specific thickness of tile?

Tile trims are available in a wide range of sizes, from 6mm all the way up to 20mm. Choosing the right tile trim size is simple. Measure from the thickness of your tile and add 1 to 2mm for adhesive. If you have a 10mm thick tile, an 11mm or 12 mm wide tile trim will work well. If you are using extremely thin tiles (5 or 6mm), you might use less than 1mm of adhesive. In this case, use a tile trim that is the same width as the tile.

Our Tile Trim Products

We wide range of high quality chrome tile trim including both square edge tile trim and rounded edge tile trim. We can help you decide on a tile trim that is perfect for your home or commercial installation. To learn more, contact Builders Emporium today on 0208 452 5972 or via contact@buildersemporium.co.uk.