Enjoying your home is essential, no matter how big or small your budget may be. Knowing how to decorate your house on a budget is essential for saving those precious pennies, whilst also making the most of your home. Whether you’re looking to give your slightly outdated kitchen a revamp, or even fancy having a go at making your very own bespoke furniture, we’ve got some handy, wallet-friendly tips below.

Reupholstering furniture

Pretty much every home has that one piece of furniture that has been used day-in, day-out for a number of years and, although it’s still great at serving its purpose, it may be starting to look a bit tatty. Instead of chucking your beloved item out, reupholstering the piece is a cheap and fun way to inject some life back into it. By choosing your own fabric, texture and finish for your item’s new exterior, you can also play around with a brand new theme for its allocated room, making it a true centrepiece. If you’re feeling bold or know your way around a haberdashery, why not buy a strong stapler gun and industrial staples and have a go at upholstering the piece yourself!

Reupholstering Furniture

Transforming plywood sheets

Readily available and budget-friendly, treated plywood sheets make for a surprisingly good material to use when constructing your own furniture. From television tables to quirky coffee tables, this affordable wood can be cut to size in a matter of seconds and then constructed with ease. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding something to fit the awkward space in the corner of your room, or sourcing shelves that are spaced just right.

treated plywood sheets

Accessorise as much as possible

When decorating, it can be easy to overlook the little details that may enhance your home. Instead of completely changing a room, it may just simply need a few complimentary touches to really set it off and bring its vibrancy back. Investing in a good set of aluminium step ladders Aluminium Step Ladders allows you to view your spaces from a completely new perspective, whilst also allowing you to reach those nooks and crannies. Using your ladders, you could install a trio of macrame hanging baskets to bring the outside inside, or to fix other ornamental items such as summery paper hanging decorations.

Accessorize as much as possible

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