With the new year well and truly here, many of us will be thinking about the warmer months to come. Even though the UK’s weather can change in the blink of an eye, when the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than heading outside to make the most of your garden. However, it can sometimes feel as if you can be a little to exposed whilst relaxing and enjoying your home. If this sounds familiar, read our tips on how to make your garden more private.


If you want to keep the greenery consistent throughout your garden whilst also providing more privacy, hedges are your best bet. You can add a unique and personal touch to any garden by being creative with your choice of hedging too by mixing the varieties of shrub together. This means that you can also play around with the height, width and colour of hedge, allowing your garden to become host to an array of lush combinations. If you’re seeking a more neat and formal look, you can always prune the hedge to keep them uniform. This is easily done with a good pair of shears or even a hedge trimmer, depending on the size of your garden hedges. Always remember to keep your hands protected with products like these ATG MaxiFlex gloves, just to be on the safe side.

colourful garden hedge

Lap Fence Panels

Out of all of the ways to make your garden more private, this solution is probably the most popular. The great thing about fencing is that you can customise the wood to fit in with whatever style your outside areas may already possess. Additionally, you can further decorate the panels with quirky, personal touches such as fairy lights and birdhouses in order to truly make it a part of your home. Choosing a product such as these wooden lap fence panels means that your fencing will be durable and complimentary too. Once your panels are up, maintaining them with timber paints and sealants will also help to protect them from the elements.

wooden lapped fence panels

Wooden Garden Trellis

Similarly to fence panels, wooden garden trellises make for an effective yet inexpensive way to keep nosy neighbours out of your garden. One of the best features of trellises is the ability to adorn them with flowers and plants, should you decide that this is the look you want to go for. By planting a small garden bed around the bottom of the trellises, you can create multiple feature-type walls. These can also include vines which will add yet another element to your outdoor area, whilst also aiding them to blend seamlessly into the landscape. The key here is ensuring the plants you do choose are big (or small) enough to accommodate and cover the trellis, making the most of its attractive potential.

wooden garden trellis

If you’re looking to make your garden more private in time for summer, or just in general, why not shop online with Builder’s Emporium. We aim to dispatch products on the same day that orders are made, which can be explained more here. You can also contact us with any questions you may have about our products and an experienced member of our team will be able to assist you.