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Drill Bits

Perfect for drilling holes through tough materials such as glass, stones, rocks, and many more. Diamond core drill bits are hollow and are designed so that water can flow inside and out around the drill bit to keep it cool and to help in debris removal, giving your drilled holes a sleek finish.

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  1. buy BOSCH 2608585712 Auger Bit 32mm
  2. buy BOSCH 2608585708 Auger Bit 25mm
  3. buy BOSCH 2608585706 Auger Bit 22mm
  4. buy BOSCH 2608585705 Auger Bit 20mm
  5. buy BOSCH 2608585703 Auger Bit 16mm
  6. buy BOSCH 2608585700 Auger Bit 13mm
  7. buy BOSCH 2608585697 Auger Bit 10mm
  8. BOSCH 2608585696 Auger Bit 8mm
  9. buy BOSCH 2608585694 Auger Bit 6mm

71 items

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